Pluvio Tech, LLC

Professional Website Design Services

What We Do

We build websites. Everything from configuring a template on WordPress, or Wix, to coding a website from scratch. Our particular specialty is in helping authors get their websites up and running. But we can help with most of your website needs.

Who We Are

"We" is just one person, Krista. Me. I have over ten years of experience doing software programming, and website design and development. My first love, however, is writing fiction. In 2013 I published my first book TRUSTED: Dragons' Trust Book 1. Thus, I have a unique skill set that allows me to help authors in particular with their websites. Though I use my website building skills in many different applications, building author websites is where my skills and passion meet.

What We Know


Pluvio means "rain" or "dealing with rain." As a person who loves the rain, and feels peaceful and happy on rainy days, I felt it a fitting name for my business. And... most of the good company names that incorporated "dragon" (my other love) were taken.

Need an Author's Assistant?

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